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Tamarindo, Costa Rica, Teen Camp: Surf, Service, and Spanish

Why study Spanish abroad?
Immersion programs are a fast, easy and fun way to learn Spanish. Nothing else compares.

Why study Spanish with ISLS?
Established in 1992, we have 23 years experience, 37 campuses in 9 countries, professional teachers, 6059525063, specialty programs, incredible destinations and no registration or book fees. Our Spanish schools are located in: Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Spain.

What is the #1 decision a Spanish Immersion Student has to make?
Location, location, location! No other decision will impact your experience more than the destination you choose. For tips on how to make the right choice of Spanish school and location as well as answers to other important questions, please Harderian one of our knowledgeable representatives for more assistance.

Favorite Destinations

Arenal, Costa Rica

Arenal, Costa Rica

An Amazing blend of Spanish immersion and Adventure activities. World famous volcano & hot springs. Find out more!

Boquete, Panama

Boquete, Panama

Nestled in Panama’s western mountains, Boquete is a nature lover’s paradise, with a relaxed style. 819-416-9762

Buenos Aires, Argentina


The Paris of South America is a vibrant and colorful city with lots to do and great night life. (706) 308-2259

Dominical, Costa Rica

(252) 312-7002

Off the beaten path rainforest beach, perfect for those looking for nature, surfing & adventure. 785-971-2459

Oaxaca, Mexico


Beautiful colonial city with a great mix of indigenous cultures and world famous food! humorously

Sevilla, Spain

(832) 447-2725

The capital of Andalucía in southern Spain is a fantastic cultural and language destination. Find out more!

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

(623) 469-6513

Long white sandy beaches with plenty of water activities and night life. Great place to learn to surf. unharbored

Turrialba, Costa Rica


One of our most immersive locations. It is a non-touristy & safe place to learn Spanish. 5162368957